Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Whole30 Day 2 and Crossfit session 24

I had a nightmare last night that I accidently ate rice and was really annoyed at myself about it, which was stupid because in my dream I was eating risotto, so it should have been fairly obvious that it contained rice.. although I guess I could have been eating risotto made with cauliflower rice! Hrmm.. I wonder what that would be like? Although, there'd be no cheese.. boo.

Anyway, this nightmare highlighted one point to me that I should be careful of, that I should not get too stressed out and annoyed if I do accidently eat something I shouldn't, I'll just learn from the mistake and move on. As long as I'm trying to stick to it within the best of my abilities then that's enough. Deliberately going out and eating a box of doughnuts or a large pizza is not on though!

No pictures today because my food was exactly the same as yesterday! Eggs and veggies for breakfast, meatballs and veg for lunch, curry for dinner and snacks of grapes, nectarine, nuts, a hard-boiled egg, some veggies, a chicken drumstick and some almond butter before Crossfit and some sweet potato after. It still seems like a lot for me and I think if I cut out the fruit I might eat less, it seems to make me hungry again about 45mins later, insulin response maybe? I like it though, so I'll just keep an eye on it.

In fact, I just poached some peaches from the farm with water, a little bit of freshly squeezed orange juice, a cinnamon stick and a vanilla pod and they taste amazing! It proves you don't need to add extra sugar to make things taste delicious!

One of the things that is out on Whole30 is anything soy related, including soy sauce, however, on all the paleo blogs everyone talks about using Coconut Aminos instead of soy sauce as they taste similar and are just made from coconut. I ordered some from the US a few weeks ago and they arrived today, this is what they look like:

I have't tried them yet, but I will probably add them to a stir-fry tomorrow, I'll let you know the results!

Now onto Crossfit!

It was an odd session today, everything was all back to front and we were doing our session in the group 1's area, which no one really realised until just before the start, oh well, at least we did the right warm-up!


Max toes to bar (hanging knee raises in my case)
Max dips

x 3

I can't really remember what I got, over 10 for each of the knee raises and 10 each time for the dips I think. The raises were doing something funny to me, so I didn't go as long as I could.. really not sure what was going on there!! 


12 x deadlift
24 x bar facing burpees (do burpees near the deadlift bar and jump over between each one)

x 3

I was going to go with 40kg as that was what I used last time when we were doing the same number of reps and I remember it being hard, but one of the trainers told me to add an extra 5, so I did 45 in the end and I reckon I probably could have gone up to 50kg because I could get through each set of 12 without having to break. I'm looking forward to seeing just how heavy I can go when we work on these at lower reps, it's actually one of my favourite exercises and I'm not too bad at it I don't think (mostly because there is no squatting!)

My time was 16mins 48 seconds. The burpees were killing my wrists, the group 1 area has these boards on the floor and they are really hard on the hands!

Then we did ab stuff as a group where if anyone stopped/dropped etc. before the time then everyone had to re-start, it was pretty motivational actually and no one stopped!

30 seconds of hanging from a bar either L-sit (legs in front), knees up or legs down, depending on your strength, mine were halfway between knees up and legs down. These were killer on the hands, way worse than anything else, I have even more callouses now. 

10 straight leg raises (lie back on the ground with legs straight and raises them to above your hips without bending them)

45 seconds plank

Repeat all this 3 times. 

It was quite a good activity because if it was just up to me, I would totally have dropped out of the hanging thing and the plank way before time, but because everyone else was relying on me to stay up, I did! Woo, go group motivation!

The last lot of planks was as long as you could hold it, I did just over the 45 seconds, but the longest in the group was 5mins 2 seconds!! That's some crazy abs right there. I find it hurts my back more than my abs, probably due to bad form or just shitty abs!

I'm going to try and go tomorrow as well because I have a hair-cut Friday arvo and I'm not sure if I'll get there in time for the last session. Tomorrow will make it 3 for the week, so back on track after skipping Monday.

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