Sunday, 12 February 2012

Whole30 weekend 2 (day 12 and 13)

This weekend wasn't too bad, although I ate far too many nuts and far too much fruit, I really need to bring other snack options to Glenn's I think because otherwise I just spend the whole afternoon eating nuts.

Dinner Friday was left over pad thai for me, which was delicious. 

Saturday breakfast was eggs, smoked salmon, tomatoes, spinach and mushrooms and it was damn tasty. If smoked salmon wasn't so expensive then I'd eat a whole lot more of it. 

Breakfast! (Sorry it's blurry)

For dinner on Saturday we had take-away and I managed to find something on the menu that was probably Whole30 compliant, or at least very close to it. It was chicken casserole thing with tomato, onion, capsicum and garlic. It was delicious and didn't look like there was anything in it I couldn't eat, although they may have put some sugar or something in the sauce. Either way, it was nice to not have to cook something!

On Saturday night I had to contend with a party, but I made it through with only a cup of coffee (the $1 7/11 coffee wasn't as bad as expected!) and some soda water with fresh lime. I have to say that it was nice to not have a hang-over on Sunday for once! There was also roast chicken at the party, which was awesome because it meant there was food I could eat, other than just boring old celery sticks.

I have still been craving dark chocolate and, weirdly, yoghurt, although I think the yoghurt thing was only because Glenn had yoghurt in his fridge and it looked gooood. Maybe if I reduced my fruit intake then I'd stop craving sweet things, maybe I'll try a day this week without any fruit and see how that goes. 

I'm still sad about not being able to find bacon I can eat and I wanted to make Jambalaya last night, but I couldn't find any Chorizo that didn't have sugar or gluten in it, damn cured meats! 

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