Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Whole30 day 22 and the downside of weight-loss

Today I went for a walk/run after work.. on one of my days off from Crossfit... voluntarily!  This has not happened at all since I started Crossfit in November and I think the only time I've been for a run where Crossfit wasn't involved was when Glenn wanted to try out his Vibrams in NZ and made me go with him! No idea what inspired me last night, but it was nice, I went along the Elwood canal to the beach and got to see a Dachshund puppy, which was the cutest thing I've ever seen, totally want one now.

Breakfast was eggs, parma ham, avocado, tomato, spinach and coffee, lunch was Jambalaya and then some grapes and for dinner I  had my first ever paleo spag bol, made with Zucchini pasta. It was so good I think it will become a regular dinner for me now. There's really no need to eat pasta or noodles when you have some Zucchini and a julienne grater!

Delicious! I clearly need to work on my presentation skills though. 

Snacks today were nuts, dates, carrot and celery sticks and some baked chicken, and I had some almond butter for desert.

It's only 8 more days until I can weigh and measure myself and I'm curious to see exactly how much weight or cms I have lost in just a month. I know I've definitely lost some because a corset arrived in the mail yesterday that I'd ordered in January and when I ordered it I was worried that it would be too small because it was a 28" corset and I was at the higher end of the waist measurement they recommended for that size.

I tried it on last night and the bloody thing is almost too big! It looks okay if I do it up completely closed at the back, but if I lose any more weight it'll be too big. If it wasn't from England and wouldn't be such a hassle then I'd exchange it, but it was only $100 so I don't think it's really worth the hassle and extra postage required. I was also trying it on without any clothes underneath, so I'm sure those will add some bulk when I do wear it.

Having to replace your entire wardrobe is the one downside (when you have no money) to weight-loss!

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