Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Whole30 day 23 and Crossfit Session 33

Only 1 week to go!

There was a great article on Mark's Daily Apple today about the benefits of dark chocolate, so as soon as the Whole30 is over I'm going to make sure I try and incorporate some into my diet, it'll be a struggle, but if it's for my health then maybe I can force myself! ;)

Breakfast - eggs, parma ham, spinach, tomato, avocado and coffee.
Lunch - Jambalaya and then grapes.
Dinner - Paleo spag bol (even better the 2nd day!)
Snacks - Nuts and dates, carrot and celery sticks, a chicken drumstick
Pre-Crossfit - Almond butter
Dessert - Banana and strawberries with coconut cream

See, you totally don't need to eat dairy!

Today is one of those days where I really love Crossfit, it was a fun session, the trainers were great and I felt strong. It may have also had something to do with not having to do burpees or many push-ups and squats!


10 x air squats
10 x push-ups (Hand-stand push-ups for the fit ppl)
10 x leg swings each leg

Repeat 3 times.


First we warmed up our power clean and jerks. I get all the cleans and the jerks and what have you completely mixed up in my head, so I was doing squat cleans (I think) at the start, until one of the trainers corrected me. I was kind of glad, cuz squats suck! Here is a power clean and jerk -

30 x deadlifts (40kg, could easily have gone to 45kg I think)
1 lap block (600m)
30 x power clean and jerk (25kg)

WOD 2 

5 x box jumps (lowest box with a 15kg plate stacked on top.. didn't bang my shins, woo!)
5 x one armed KB swings each arm (8kg)
5 x wall balls

8 min AMRAP

I got through 5 full rounds and then was up to the wall balls in the 6th.

They're promoting this Shotz electrolyte drink at the gym, which is like Gatorade without the sugar. I tried some after the workout and it was really nice! Not sure if it's Whole30 compliant but I didn't have much of it. I was slightly tempted to ask "is this paleo" but didn't want to look like a douche!

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