Monday, 6 February 2012

Whole30 day 7 and Crossfit session 26

Day 7 - Woo! Only 23 days to go!

I have to say that I had cravings for things today, it wasn't helped by going into 7/11 to pay for petrol and seeing all the people in front of me buying chocolate and slurpees, it was after Crossfit too so a slurpee sounded damn fine! I went home and ate sweet potato and drank soda water.. totally made up for it!

Anyway, I'm a bit over eggs at the moment, probably because I've been eating them every day for the last few weeks, so for breakfast I had a smoothie made with banana, frozen raspberries, baby spinach, LSA mix, coconut milk, water and coffee. It was the first time I'd made a smoothie with baby spinach and I was expecting some horrid green concoction, but I couldn't even tell it was in there.

Smoothie in the making

Invisible spinach!

Lunch was Egg Foo Yung and veggies, snacks were nuts, nectarine, bora bora fireballs (see previous entry) and veggies with home-made baba ganoush.  Dinner was pork red curry.

I also ate sweet potato after crossfit and some poached peaches and almond butter. I think I need to cut down the fruit intake, that's probably way too much sugar and the Whole30 does stipulate only 1-2 serves a day. I have all these delicious nectarines and peaches from the trees at the farm to eat though, although I guess if I go back to eating eggs for breakfast tomorrow then that'll halve my fruit intake.

Crossfit time:


1.6km run

Then we had to practice rope climbs, or in my case, try and learn to rope climb. I totally suck! I couldn't even get up at all, I'm sure it's because I'm not strong enough to hold my weight, but the trainers are certain that we should all be able to do it and it's all about the feet. I'm sceptical! Apparently we'll be working on them again over the next week, so we'll see who is right!

In between each attempt at rope climbing we did 15 KB swings at a weight one lower than normal (8kg in my case), I think I got 3 rounds of those out.


Rowing until you've burnt 20 calories (330ish metres in my case)
30 x burpees and jumping up onto a plate after each one
40 x ground to over-head (basically lifting dumbbells from the ground to overhead anyway you like, sort of a clean and press type movement). My dumbbells were 7kg each.
50 x knees to chest/hanging knee raises (or toes to bar if you're that fit, I'm not)
1 x  lap of the room doing lunges holding a 6.8kg plate overhead (it was about 33ish lunges in total)
5 x laps of the room running

It was a fun workout, we didn't do it for time, I think because there were too many people and not enough rowers so we had to start in waves. I like workouts where we don't have to go back and do anything, once you've got through the reps you're done with it!

Burpees are still horrid but definitely getting easier, I can do 30 without having to take a break now, but the hanging knee raises I was doing in 10s because they totally screw up your hands more than anything else.

Trying to decide whether to go tonight or not, I think I'd rather a whole evening around the house, maybe I'll clean!

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