Sunday, 12 February 2012

Whole30 Day 11 and Crossfit session 28 (Friday)

I really should have written this over the weekend because it's going to be a struggle to remember.

This morning I needed to get to work early so that I could leave early to get to the last Crossfit session at 6pm, so my breakfast was 2 hard boiled eggs and half a tomato eaten at my desk, pretty boring.

Lunch was the last of the bora bora meatballs with veggies, I was a bit over them by this stage because I'd eaten them every day this week.

Snacks were nuts, nectarine and some vegetable sticks.

After Crossfit I had half a sweet potato to get me through until I got to Glenn's house.

For dinner I had the left-over pad thai from the night before, it was so good and kind of felt like a treat for a Friday evening.

Now Crossfit:


10 x push-ups
10 x squats

repeat 3 times


The WOD was fun today, we had to work in pairs and do 5 minute rounds of one exercise, taking it in turns to do 5 reps of it each and see how many we could get as a team.

I have to say though, when I turned up and saw what the previous class was doing I almost ran away! They were doing some horrible thing where one person of the team had to hold a plank position, while the other had to run halfway around the block and they weren't allowed to drop their position until their team-mate returned, so if you had a slow team-mate you were screwed! They were all buggered by the end of it and lying in pools of sweat. We ran out of time though and didn't do that particular part of the work-out though, I was slightly relieved.. but also strangely disappointed!

I generally hate working in pairs for things because I always feel like I'm letting the other person down, but I was paired with someone who is new as well so it was good and we worked well as a team.

These are my individual scores:

Cleans - 20kg - 18 reps
Hanging knee raises (this should have been knees to elbows but I can't do them) - 40 reps
Push-ups - 53 reps
KB swings - 12kg - 50 reps
Box jumps - smallest box - 55 reps

Here is a picture of the board:

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