Thursday, 2 February 2012

Whole30 day 3 and Crossfit session 25

Woo 25 Crossfit sessions! I am definitely getting stronger and have actual biceps and stuff now, still under a substantial layer of fat, but they are there! Maybe doing this Whole30 will shift some of the fat and they'll be a bit more obvious.. but not too obvious, I don't want to look like a freak.

It was a pretty good day today, my manager was away so the office was stress-free. I didn't have much to do though, so the afternoon dragged a bit.

I had exactly the same food today as the last two days, except for dinner, which was a surf and turf stir-fry:

I used the coconut-aminos, they taste kind of like soy sauce but less salty. Still not as good as oyster sauce though, which is what I usually have with stir-fry. Oh well, I'll learn to love it I'm sure!

Tomorrow is the start of the first big challenge, the weekend! I've told my dad and the boy that I'm doing it, so hopefully they'll both be on board with it, although my dad did tell me I'd have to bring my own soda water because he doesn't have that kind of thing (alcohol only in his house!). 

The key to succeeding at this is to be prepared and to have things on hand that you can eat, or work out ways to get things you can eat wherever you are. I've made a list of food that would be easy to convert to the Whole30 rules so that the boy and I can eat similar things without too much hassle. 

I'm feeling good and ready to handle whatever the weekend throws at me! Now onto Crossfit..


20 x lunges
20 x back extensions (fucking hate these!)

x 3


10 x power clean (25kg, my form sucked, I've only done these once before)
40 x push-ups (only 20 if you can do hand-stand push-ups!)
30 x chin-ups (blue and red bands)
40 x kettle-bell swings (12kg, could go heavier)
50 x sit-ups
180 x skips (or 60 double-unders.. I can't do them well enough yet)
1 x lap of the block (600m)

My time was 19mins 58 seconds. 

I like these kinds of work-outs because you don't have to go back to anything, you do it and move on, unlike last night's burpee extravaganza.

Then we worked on our push-press, 5 x 5 reps, us girls did 20kg, it was hard but I don't think it would take me too long to get heavier than that. I wish I could say the same for any of the squat moves!

In case you're interested in what the weight-lifting moves are: 

Push-press - (I hope I didn't look like that when I was doing it!)

I'd like to go tomorrow but I have an appointment at 5pm and I don't think I'll be out in time for the last class at 6pm :(

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