Sunday, 26 February 2012

Whole30 day 26 and 27

My last weekend of no booze!

Saturday I had eggs for breakfast over some mixed veggies from the freezer, it was actually quite tasty. We got up late so I didn't really have lunch but got some smoked salmon at the supermarket and scoffed that down at about 5pm and then had some steak and more freezer veggies for dinner. For snacks I had dates, fruit and coconut milk.

I went to a party in the evening and there was not one thing there that I could eat, all the snacks were chips and chocolate, which is fine and expected, but I was starving by the time I got home at 2am, so I ate a can of sardines and some coconut milk and strawberries, which is a very different late night snack from when I'm not doing Whole30 and would eat toast or maccas!

Sunday I did my big weekly shopping trip and then cooking fest. Unfortunately the supermarket I went to didn't have the parma ham I can eat, so I got some smoked trout instead.. however I neglected to read the label and when I got it home I noticed the second ingredient was sugar! GRR! Now I have to wait until Thursday to eat it.

I should have checked the label because I know I bought some smoked salmon a couple of weeks ago and almost got caught out, but did end up checking the label before I put it in my basket and lo and behold it had sugar in it! There are some brands that don't and why you would need to add sugar to smoked trout/salmon is beyond me, but they seem to add sugar to everything, so the moral of the story is always check the label!

On the menu this week is red curry chicken, spag bol with zucchini pasta and some baked chicken drumsticks and Czech meatballs for snacks. I've decided to cut out fruit and nuts for the last few days to see if that has any effect on my hunger levels and weight loss.

I know I've been eating way too many nuts because they're an easy snack, but they are really high in calories, and fruit seems to make me hungry again within an hour, so it's not great for controlling insulin levels and therefore weight-loss. I love fruit and nuts too much to cut them out forever, but it'll be interesting to see if it does have an effect for a few days.

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