Monday, 20 February 2012

Whole30 day 21 and Crossfit session 32

Ugh Monday again, it never gets easier!

I only have 9 days left of Whole30 and just one more weekend to get through without booze! I was trying to work out what the first thing I wanted to drink might be, I was going with margaritas but I'm not sure if the mix would seem way too sugary now. Champagne is definitely up there on my list too, mm bubbles.

Breakfast was eggs, parma ham (!!!!), spinach, tomato, avocado and coffee. Man is it good to be able to eat a cured pork product again!

All breakfast should include pork!

Lunch was chicken jambalaya, but obviously I couldn't put Chorizo in it, so it was not as good as normal, sadly.

Snacks were carrot and celery sticks, nuts, dates, baked chicken and then some almond butter before crossfit.

Dinner was pad thai and then some strawberries and coconut cream. If you put a can of normal (full fat) coconut milk in the fridge, the cream solidifies a bit and rises to the top and it's goddamn delicious with berries, in smoothies or just eating it with a spoon!

Zucchini noodles prior to being added to pad thai

Crossfit time..


1km rowing - 4mins 50 seconds

Then 4 rounds of:
15 second squat holds
10 stick rolls


"Mini Barbara"

Only 3 people in the group were picked to do the full Barbara workout, which was good because it looked hard!

10 x chin-ups (20 in full Barbara)
20 x push-ups (30 in full Barbara)
30 x sit-ups (40 in full Barbara)
40 x air squats (50 in full Barbara)

Repeat 5 times with a 3min rest in between each round.

My time was 37mins 34 seconds, but you get to take away 12 mins of rest, so 25mins 34 seconds total. Getting to rest between each round was great!

I found the sit-ups and the air squats the most challenging, I struggle to get as low as they'd like with the squats and my knees always hurt the next day, I think I have tracking issues with them or something.

The chin-ups were easy because there were only 10 of them and I've also changed to blue and orange bands, so I must be getting stronger at them, woo! I didn't rip my hands up either this time which was good, although I think that's more with the hanging knee raises.

At the end we were supposed to do 5mins of double-unders, but I had a dreadful headache at the end of the workout so I hardly did any and then drove home feeling really woozy, but some couch time sorted me out.

Not sure what was going on, I have a feeling maybe my blood pressure is now slightly too low instead of being too high, because I get light-headed when I stand up sometimes now. I'll have to go and see the doctor and get it checked. It'd be nice to come off some of my medication! Although it could be something totally unrelated.

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