Monday, 27 February 2012

Whole30 day 28 and Crossfit session 35

Today was my first day without nuts and fruit and it went well. I didn't really miss either, except for after dinner when I wanted something sweet. I ended up eating half a can (if I'm honest it was more like 3/4 of the can) of coconut milk and then felt sick, I should have just cleaned my teeth or something instead, which is what I did after lunch instead of eating fruit.

Breakfast - Eggs, avocado, tomato, spinach and coffee. No parma ham :( The avocados I bought weren't ripe yet, so I had some frozen avocado instead, which is just weird tasting.

Lunch - Chicken and vegetable Thai red curry.

Dinner - Paleo spag bol and then some coconut milk.

Snacks - A chicken drumstick, some czech meatballs and some carrot sticks.

No pre or post Crossfit food today, only due to it taking me twice as long as normal to get home because it was raining and apparently half the trains stop working when it's a bit wet outside (it's 2012, this is not acceptable!!). I found that I didn't actually need it, I wasn't crazy hungry and my workout was good, so maybe I can do without the pre Crossfit snack in future.

I was slack with food photos today, so here's a photo of me eating spag bol and watching Son's of Anarchy.

Mmm spag bol and buff guys

Now to Crossfit:

At the party I went to on the weekend one of my friends asked me what I'd been up to and I said crossfit etc. and he said that if I wasn't careful I would become one of those people who is obsessed with x thing. I'm pretty sure he was joking, but if there was something to be obsessed with then Crossfit is a good one, it's fun, it makes you strong, it's social, you learn things about yourself and you get pushed to do things you didn't think you'd be able to do. To people who haven't done it, it probably seems crazy, but it's hugely rewarding and I would have to say it's hands down the best thing I've done exercise-wise in my life.

Today after the first part of our workout one of the trainers who is always on at me about my form said that he was really proud of me today, that I lifted well and had great form. WOO! I don't think there's anything better to hear than someone saying they are proud of your effort, it always makes me try harder to do even better.


Max chin-up
Max dips

Repeat 4 times

There was a shortage of chin-up bands today, so I was using red and orange bands, which is way less than I normally use, so my max was pretty poor. I think I got something like 7, 7, 6, 6 and for dips I got something like 12, 9, 7, 7.

Then we worked on our power clean and jerks. I really love doing the Olympic weight lifting, it's fun and you feel really strong doing it, even if you're lifting pussy weights!

We were either working on technique or our 3 rep max. I was going for technique because I haven't done them much and it obviously paid off given the complement from the trainer.

I started at 20kg and did about 4 reps at that weight for practice and then went up to 30kg, which was as heavy as I wanted to go, and did about 16 reps at that weight before the trainer made me try 3 reps at 35kg, which was heavy but I could do it. You would think that the worst part of the clean and jerk is the overhead bit, but for me it's actually the squat, I'm always worried I won't be able to get up and I'll fall on my ass!

Here's a good tutorial for clean and jerks for all you people out there who are desperate to get in on the fun:


Every minute on the minute for 15mins do 2 x power clean and then spend the rest of the time doing double-unders. So I did 30 power cleans at 30kg and then for the double-unders your score was the total for the whole 15mins, which for some people was 600, but for me was 28!!! I really suck at them, most of the time I can't do them at all, and when I can, I only get about 3 or 4 in a row before I fuck up. Oh well, practice makes perfect I guess!

This workout wasn't very complicated but it was hardcore, everyone was completely dripping sweat by the end of it!

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