Sunday, 19 February 2012

Whole30 days 18-20 and Crossfit Session 31 (Friday)

I put off writing this all weekend and now I can't remember what I did.

The weekend was fairly uneventful, I went clubbing on Friday, which it turns out is really boring when you're stone cold sober. I think Friday was probably the first time I haven't drunk any alcohol whilst at a club for about 4 years and the last time was probably because I was on antibiotics or something. Not even dancing was fun.

Saturday was a low key day watching tv and generally slacking. I cooked roast chicken and veggies for dinner, which was damn good and we also went to the supermarket where I managed to find some smallgoods that I can actually eat! I had almost given up bothering to poke around in the smallgoods section at supermarkets because it was always depressing to see product after product with added sugar, gluten or nitrate.

Saturday was different, however, I stumbled upon some Parma Ham whose ingredient list was pork and salt, WOO! The only issue with it is that it's $7 a packet, but even though I'm on a super tight budget I decided it was worth it, although I probably shouldn't have eaten half the packet when I got home in the space of 2mins. If you're looking for it, it only seems to be available at Coles.

I love those three little piggies

Now this is an ingredient list I like to read!

Sunday I had lunch with the girls, sadly the breakfast menu had finished by the time we got there, but I had a smoked salmon and rocket salad, it had some dressing on it which was probably suspect, but I'm going to write it off, the rest of the ingredients would have been compliant, assuming the smoked salmon wasn't one of the weird ones that seems to have added sugar in it!

Sunday evening I did my weekly cook-up, baked chicken drumsticks for snacking on, chicken jambalaya with cauliflower rice, pad thai and some mince and veggies.

The Whole30 really isn't that hard, I've got into a good routine of cooking on Sundays and then not really having to think about food until the weekend, which is nice. I will be glad when it's over and I can relax a bit more, but it's not a bad way to eat and I hope to pretty much stick with it during the week when I'm done and only eat other things on the weekends.

I know I've lost weight just based on some of my clothes, but I want to lose a bit more before S&S on the 24th March, so I will keep it mostly going until then I think. I'm going to try to not go crazy when the 30 days are up too and only have things if I really want them, not just because I can. Alcohol is a different story, I'm really looking forward to having a drunken evening with Glenn, although I know that'll screw up my weight loss a bit.

Crossfit on Friday wasn't really a fun one, I don't really enjoy the workouts where we have to repeat the same things for 5 rounds, you get really sick of those exercises!


Max push-ups
10 Sit-ups

Repeat 5 times

My first round of push-ups was 18 (woo!) and then I got 10 the second round and then 8 for the remaining 3 rounds.

We then did some deadlifts to warm-up for the WOD. 6 x 20kg, 10 x 40kg, 5 x 45kg.


1 lap block (600m)

Then 5 rounds of
10 x deadlifts (45kg)
7 x dead-hang chin-ups (blue and orange bands)
30 x air squats

Then another lap of the block to finish off.

My time was 28mins. One of the other girls and I chose 45kg for deadlifts, which was a bit heavy in hindsight after all the chin-ups. I had to break up the 10 into 6 and then 4.  I managed to get quite low on my squats for once though which was good. The block runs were hard, I think I'm getting worse at running somehow, I always feel puffed and like it's really difficult.

Then after all this we did some max planks, my max was 1min.

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