Thursday, 9 February 2012

Whole30 Day 9 and Crossfit session 27

Hrm, I should really write these on the day because I have trouble remembering what I did/ate the next day.

Breakfast was good old eggs, tomato, baby spinach, avocado and black coffee. It's a good breakfast, but I still miss bacon.

I had a professional development course today which included lunch, now I would have just brought my own lunch but I'd been to the place it was held at before and that time the lunch was roast meat and veggies, which is Whole30 compliant if you don't have gravy or potatoes, this time however it was chicken stew and some stir fry thing, so I got stuck with salad, a boiled egg and some smoked salmon. It would have been okay except I got the last tiny slice of smoked salmon whilst other people who already had their plates piled high with stew and stir fry had about 5 pieces of smoked salmon, I wanted to smack them! It wasn't so bad, at least it wasn't the usual bagels and wraps and sandwiches deal that we usually get at PD, the course was good too.

Snacks were nuts and fruit. Dinner was pork red curry. Pre-Crossfit was some almond butter (I am so buying the giant tub next time, I'm already out of it again) and post-Crossfit was some sweet potato.

Now to Crossfit:


500m row under 25 strokes per min, 500m row over 28 strokes per min.

My rowing technique isn't the best, it's something I really need to work on. When I started I was told that the ideal strokes per min was around 27 or so, mine is generally over 30, which is bad for long distances. The 500m under 25 s/m was reaaaaaaaaally slow but I didn't think to check my times to see what the actual difference was between the two.

WOD 1 

6 x deadlifts (yay!)
8 x dips (hand-stand pushups for the fit)

15 min AMRAP

First we warmed up our deadlifts, I knew I could go pretty heavy because the last time I'd done them we were doing 12 reps and I did them at 45kg, so I started at 40kg and worked up to 50kg, which seemed like a good weight. So warm-up was 5 x 40kg, 5 x 45kg and 5 x 50kg.

Then onto the workout, I got 8 full sets in and then a set of 5 deadlifts, so in total including the warm-up it was 58 deadlifts at 50kg and another 5 at 40kg and 5 at 45kg, so 68 deadlifts in total and 64 dips in total. Dips were alternating between red and yellow bands and red and orange bands, depending on which dip thing I ended up on.

WOD 2 

5 x double unders (it was supposed to be 30 but I can't do them so I just had to get through 5)
15 x wall-ball (6 pound ball)

5 rounds.

Fucking double-unders! There is some weird conspiracy with them, sometimes I can just do them no problem and other times I can't even do one! For 2 of the 5 rounds I did them straight off and then the other 3 rounds I just couldn't even get one out, I tried tons of times and then just gave up on them and threw my rope down in annoyance! Dunno what the trainers thought, I did try and do them.

I hate wall-balls too, they're just evil and I suck at them because my squats suck and I suck at throwing and I plainly just suck! Every time I get pulled up on my form too, I don't seem to be getting any better at them, although we hadn't done them for a while.

My time was 13mins 6 seconds but because I didn't actually do my allotted double-unders, I'm not really counting it.

No food photos today, so you get a photo of my lovely callouses, sexy huh?

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