Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Whole30 day 29

2nd last day!  I'm not as excited as that exclamation mark would suggest, I like the rules, the rules are easy, sticking to something when you don't really have to is harder, but I'm hopeful that I will only eat all that other stuff if I really want to, and not just because it's there. Bacon is the exception, there will be bacon in the near future! I am also looking forward to being able to drink booze, but again, only if I really want to and not just because it's there. I am looking forward to weighing/measuring myself though to see exactly what my results were. There may even be before and after photos!

I had to get to work early today because I started Uni again and so I have to make up time for going to lectures, so my breakfast consisted of hard-boiled eggs, avocado, spinach and tomato, eaten at my desk.

Lunch was chicken and vegetable red curry and snacks were Czech meatballs, a chicken drumstick, carrot sticks and a can of salmon.

Glenn and I went to Sisters of Mercy so we had take-away for dinner, I got "Mexican chicken", which was only Mexican insofar as it had capsicum with it I think! Italian chicken would have been a better name for it. It was delicious though and came with steamed veggies. It had some cheese on top of it, but I just scraped it off, so it was probably mostly compliant.

Sisters of Mercy was alright, although realistically I could have just put a cd on at home and got a similar experience and I wouldn't have had to pay $50. I couldn't see anything cuz I am a short ass and tall people always end up in front of me and it was super smoky anyway and they didn't interact with the crowd much at all. Cool to see so many familiar faces around though, even if I didn't manage to talk to many people.

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