Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Day 15 - Valentines day and the halfway point

So today was my halfway point in the Whole30 and also Valentines day. My normal idea of Valentines day involves champagne and chocolates, however, being on the Whole30 I obviously had to revise it a bit! So Glenn and I went out for dinner to Royal Melbourne Hotel (Paladin), just for nostalgia's sake and it hasn't really changed that much!

Sooo.. the big question is, did I break my Whole30.. and the answer is yes, but not too badly!

I'd had a look at the menu online to make sure there would be something I could eat and there were two options, steak or salmon, both of which I was okay with because I hadn't had either recently and steak is something I just don't cook for myself because I suck at cooking it. I ended up going the salmon option, however, which came with salad and chips, so I asked for it without chips, but I decided just to write off the hollondaise sauce it came with and whatever dressing was on the salad.  The hollondaise was pretty good, so I wasn't unhappy with my decision.

That is Glenn's cheese and garlic pizza in the
background, in case you were wondering!

My other cheat was that Glenn got me a soda water and lime, however because he didn't stipulate fresh lime, they put lime cordial in it, not tons though, so I drank it anyway. It was goood.

Mmm forbidden sugar

On the way home though I did notice that I had a slight headache and my stomach felt a bit unhappy, so maybe the cheats weren't worth it afterall?! Goddamn clean eating doing its job!

The book says that when you start re-introducing things back into your diet after you've finished you should try and re-introduce them individually so that you can gague exactly what kind of effect they have on your body, if any. So, maybe no giant pizza/booze/chocolate fest for me on 1st March :(   If I had to pick one thing to eat on 1st March it would be good quality dark chocoalte, luckily pizza doesn't really appeal to me at the moment, but it is another 15 days away!

My other meals were pretty much the same as the day before, eggs, mushrooms, spinach and tomato for breakfast, lunch was the Moroccan meatballs and cauliflower rice, which I again forgot to take a photo of! Snacks were nuts, carrot and celery sticks, a chicken drumstick and some almond butter.

Next V-day I'm so having champagne and chocolates!

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