Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Crossfit session 22 (Thursday)

Warm-up was just mobility, so stretching etc.

This was a big workout, it was kind of fun though because there were so many different things to do.


800m run

20 x kettle-bell swings (12kg)
10 x burpees (to two ab mats)

Repeat the KB swings and burpees 3 times

600m run

15 x floor to overhead (basically sumo lifting dumbells and then push-pressing them overhead, I used 7kg dumbells so 14kg total)
15 x sit-ups

Repeat the floor to overhead and sit-ups 3 times

400m run

10 x knee raises
10 x push-ups (to two ab mats)

Repeat the knee raises and push-ups 3 times.

My time was 34mins 6 seconds.

Then we worked on hollow holds (abs), hand-stand holds (hate these) and some other weird hollow roll things where you roll from your back to your stomach and back again with your arms and legs off the ground, also ab related.

Good session, my arms are like noodles now and I have more callouses.

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