Friday, 20 January 2012

Crossfit session 19 (Friday)

This is the first time I've done Crossfit before going out clubbing, it'll be interesting to see if I can stay awake, usually after Crossfit I spent the evening on the couch not moving!


20 x lunges
10 x push-ups

repeat 3 times

The work-out looked really hard on the board but wasn't actually so bad once we were into it, even the running was okay.


1.6km run
20 x dips (orange and red bands, next time would do red and yellow)
42 x box jumps (smallest box, might try bigger next time)
15 x dips
30 x box jumps
9 x dips
18 x box jumps
1.6km run

In total - 3.2km run, 53 dips, 90 box jumps

I did it in 32mins 38 seconds.

Then we had to push a sled up and back across the gym a couple of times each, I did 10kg plus whatever the sled weighs, I could probably have gone slightly heavier but the way ours work is that you have to go up in 10kg lots so there was no way I could have done 20kg. It's fucking harder than it looks and doesn't help that the floor isn't exactly slippery!! Here's an example of someone doing it, with a lot of weight!

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