Monday, 23 January 2012

Whole30, yes or no?

Just after new years I came across something called The Whole30, which is a program where you eat super-strictly paleo for 30 days and also don't drink alcohol. It is supposed to change your life and your relationship with food, which is something I definitely think I need some help improving. 

I've been dieting in one way or another since high school and have lost around 30kg overall, my relationship with food, however, has not really improved all that much. I still have days where I binge eat crap for no reason, or mindless eat food while I'm waiting for dinner to cook, or crave things for no real reason and I think the Whole30 could help with all of those things. 

Alcohol is something else that I probably have an unhealthy relationship with. I'm 31 and I would say that the longest I've ever gone without alcohol would be a week or so here or there, probably mostly due to being on antibiotics or ill.. which is not so good. With that in mind, doing the Whole30 would probably be exceptionally good for me and might change my relationship with alcohol, however it does make me apprehensive about doing the whole program because I really do love drinking!

The other aspects of the Whole30 I don't think I would struggle too much with, unless I had to go out to dinner or try and resist the snack table at a party. I've already given up dairy, except cheese, and I only eat grains on the weekends or if I'm out (which is rare during the week). 

I've been thinking about doing it during February, however that decision was made when February was an open expanse where there were no social engagements to unhinge my progress. Now when I look at February in my calendar there are 2 gigs, 2 birthday parties, 2 other random hanging out occasions and valentines day, all of which I would normally drink at.  It would be a super achievement if I got through all that without drinking at all.. but the question is, can I actually give up alcohol for 30 days.. and do I want to? 

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