Sunday, 15 January 2012

Crossfit session 16 (Friday)

I've pretty much forgotten all the details about this workout, I need to make sure I post them straight after.


I think it was 25 x double-unders and then something else.. hrmm squats maybe?

I think it was 3 rounds of whatever that was!

My double-unders were pretty good on Friday, I still can't do them in a row but I was managing to keep up the rhythm of doing one every 3 or 5 skips for a while.


20 x pushups
20 x chin-ups
30 x wall balls

x 3

I thiiink my time was 20mins 10 seconds but I'm not sure, hopefully I wrote it in my book.

I started the chin-ups using the blue and orange bands, but after about 12 of them I was buggered and couldn't lift myself up at all, so for the 2nd round I went back to good old blue and red.

Then we had to run around the block twice, I think each circuit is 700m, so it was about 1.4km total.

I managed to injure myself by scraping my elbow on a brick wall, go me, clearly I run with my arms flailing around!

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