Monday, 23 January 2012

Session 20 (Monday)

I had hoped there'd be no running because of the heat but I was wrong, at least it was only 3 400m runs and not for time.


10 x push-ups
10 x dead-hang chin-ups

repeat 4 times

WOD 1 

400m run
max push-ups
15 x straight leg sit-ups (sit-ups keeping legs straight on the floor, touch the floor behind your head and then your toes when you sit up)

repeat 3 times, not for time

For the push-ups I got 16, 13, 14

I think this work-out was added because there were not enough rowers for everyone, so the group was split in half and some people did WOD 1 first and the others did 2 first and then we swapped.

So my totals were 1.2km run, 43 push-ups, plus another 40 in the warm-up so 83 total and 45 sit-ups.



500m row
12 x dead-lifts (body-weight)
21 box jumps

repeat 3 times

I didn't have to do body-weight dead-lifts (fucking good reason to lose weight right there!), so I did 42.6kg.  For the box jumps I used the smallest one and still managed to miss one of the jumps and smack my knee into the box and my hands hard on the top of the box, I have some stripes on my hands now and a bruise on my shin, awesome work.

My time was 14mins 30 seconds.

In total, 1.5km row, 36 dead-lifts @ 40kg and 63 box jumps.

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