Monday, 9 January 2012

Crossfit Session 13 (Friday)

I dunno how people do Crossfit on a Friday night and then go out anywhere, all I want to do is lie the fuck down and move as little as possible after a workout!

The warm-up was just mobility stuff (squats, stick rolls etc.)

Then we worked on back-squats, my legs were so tight from Wednesday that my squats were dreadful and the trainers kept yelling at me to get lower and that just wasn't going to happen! I only did 30kg, but the tiny gymnastic chick I was sharing a bar with went up to about 40-50kg I think.


25 x double unders (50 normal skips for me cuz my double unders suck)
20 x lunges
1 x rope climb - I've never done rope climb before so I had to do this practice thing where you sit on the ground and then have to pull yourself up to vertical with the rope and lower yourself again without using your legs to stand up/sit down, it was alright, other than getting rope burn and bits of the rope fibres in my eye!


I got to 7 complete rounds and 1 round of skipping only.

So that's 400 skips, 140 lunges and 7 of those rope climb practice things.

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