Monday, 9 January 2012

Crossfit Session 14 (Monday)

The gym was packed today, I guess everyone has the same new years resolution!


25 x double unders
20 x lunges
15 x sit-ups

x 3

The bloody lunges were hard work after the work-out Wednesday and the lunges on Friday.



Deadlifts (35kg)
Hand-release push-ups (to 1 plate and 1 ab-mat)

And then 200m row in between each round.

So, 10 deadlifts, 10 HR push-ups, 200m row, 9 deadlifts, 9 HR push-ups, 200m row.. etc. etc.

In total 55 deadlifts, 55 HR push-ups and 2km rowing. It doesn't sound like much written down, but it was hard work, especially the push-ups. It gave me a really bad headache, that's for sure!

My time was 26mins 8seconds.

Then we got taught the Turkish Get-up -
They're kind of fun, but we were only using baby weights!

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