Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Crossfit Session 18 (Wednesday)

This was a fun session, it wasn't a complete killer one and it was an AMRAP workout, which I prefer to the x number of rounds workouts because everyone has to finish at the same time, whereas with the x number of rounds workouts I always feel like I'm going to end up finishing miles after everyone else, which is fine but I hate coming last! 


5 x inch-worms
10 x pushups
15 x back extensions (I hate these!)

Repeat 4 times.

Then we worked on our 3x5 rep max for dead-lifts, which I really enjoyed, because for some reason dead-lifts are my favourite lifts of all, and there were 3 of us girls sharing a bar and we were having a great time pretending we were super strong and generally being kind of silly. 

We got to 50kg, WOO! That's a whole tiny person that I can lift! I probably could have gone slightly heavier  but I can work up to that next time. So we did 4x5 reps so 20 dead lifts at 50kg all up.


7 x push-jerks
7 x knees to chest (or 1 rope climb if you're that good), so knees to chest is hanging from a bar and then raising your knees up to your chest.
200m row

20min AMRAP

We were only using the training bar and 5kg for the push-jerks and next time I'll definitely go heavier cuz it was very very easy and I think to get proper technique for the push-jerks you need to be lifting something a bit heavy so that you need to do it properly to get the bar up. This is a push-jerk -

I got through 8 full rounds and then up to the row of the 9th round.

So in total - 63 push-jerks, 63KTC and 1.6k row.

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