Monday, 5 March 2012

Sunday, Monday and Crossfit session 38

I've decided to keep up the weekly cooking until I get sick of it because it's just so much easier than trying to cook during the week when I'm going to Crossfit and not getting home until almost 8:30 and just want to sit on the couch.

Yesterday I cooked roast pork, pad thai and pork and vegetable casserole, all still Whole30 compliant! Ooh I lie, the roast pork had a tablespoon of honey in the sauce, but other than that, all clean.

Last night I reaaaaaaaaaally wanted chocolate but at that stage I hadn't remembered where I'd hidden the chocolate before I went on Whole30 (found it now!), so I decided to make paleo banana bread instead because I'd seen the recipe on a blog last week and had been thinking about it ever since. I totally didn't need it and then felt way too full after I'd eaten some. I knew I shouldn't have made it because if there are things like that in the house then I just eat them mindlessly, so after eating some for breakfast today, I've put the rest in the freezer for another day.

Tonight I discovered the chocolate I had hidden before starting Whole30, so obviously I ate it, it was dark cooking chocolate and really wasn't that nice! At least now I won't keep seeing it everytime I open the cupboard.

Today I was grumpy and kind of depressed all day, I have no idea why, it was similar to PMS but that was last week so I'm not sure what was going on, I'm wondering if it was because I re-introduced chocolate, sugar and alcohol over the last few days. Friday I also had a crying jag over nothing much, which was strange too. So tomorrow I'm going to rein in the chocolate and sugar again and not drink until the weekend and see how I go.

Although the last two days have't been great with the banana bread (still paleo though) and the chocolate, all in all I have been pretty much sticking to Whole30, with the exception of bacon. It's pretty easy now and it's what I'm used to, which is awesome seeing as I want to lose another 5kg, so it shouldn't be too difficult to stick to it most of the time.

All day I was really not looking forward to Crossfit, I felt tired and emotional and I was kind of dreading doing burpees, but by the time I left work I was looking forward to it and I'm glad I went because it was really fun and I felt good (and there were no burpees!)


21 x push-ups
15 x push-ups
9 x push-ups

In between each push-up set do hollow rock holds for 42 seconds, 30 seconds and 18 seconds. I didn't make it to the 42 seconds before I had to drop, I think I got to about 25 seconds and then for the second round I only go to about 20 seconds. They're harder than they look! Here's a video explanation

Then we warmed up our push-jerks and lucky me got to be the demo girl for the rest of the class, that never happens, usually I'd be the way not to do something! Luckily I seem to be okay at them and didn't get corrected much at all! They're fun, so I'm glad I don't suck at them.

So for the warm-up I did 3 x 20kg, then 5 x 20kg in front of everyone and then another 5 or so again in front of the class.


This was apparently the first workout from the 2007 Crossfit games open, seems way better than doing 7mins of burpees!

1km row - I've finally worked out the correct kind of rowing technique, it must have been from all the rowing I did cuz of my slow wall-ball partner last week!

Then 5 rounds of:

7 x push-jerk (25kg)
15 x chin-ups

So 35 push-jerks at 25kg and 75 chin-ups in total.

My time was 16mins 10 seconds.

I felt strong all the way through and I might actually have to go down another band for chin-ups soon, which is cool, although I will suck at the next level down. I've worked out how to do the kipping thing (or my version of it), so they're heaps easier once you've got that sorted. I wouldn't be able to do them so well if we were doing dead-hang/strict chin-ups. Here's a kipping explanation

Then we had to do two timed laps of the block (600m) and if we didn't get within 10 seconds of our first time on the second run then we had to do 20 burpees. My first lap was 3mins 34 seconds and my second was 3mins 30 seconds. My knee was totally playing up on the second lap though, it feels like it's slightly pushing out of place or something, no idea what is going on with it cuz some days it's totally fine, if it keeps doing it I'll have to go to the physio or something.

Here is a push-jerk video, it also shows you power cleans - See, fun!

Pity there was no snatches today, then I could have made some dreadful innuendo about jerking and snatches.

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