Monday, 19 March 2012

Crossfit Session 43

You know last week when I said that we wouldn't have to do the Crossfit Games Open workout 12.4 because it had muscle-ups in it and was just overly too hard for us lowly group 2 people? Well I was totally wrong, we had to do it tonight. They'd swapped the muscle-ups for chin-ups, but we still had to do the 150 wall-balls and the 90 double-unders!  Here is the official video for the workout -

I was convinced that there was no way I could do 150 wall balls in the 12 minutes, let alone the rest of the exercises, but the trainers said at the start that there wasn't one of us who wouldn't be able to get through the wall balls.. and of course, as always, they were right.

So I got through the 150 walls balls and was up to the skipping when the clock ran out. I knew I could do 90 double-unders in theory, because I'd done 100 last week, but after the wall-balls my legs were just not cooperating and I couldn't even do one, so I swapped them for normal skipping and got through 65 of those in the 12mins.

I'm pretty amazed that I could do 150 wall balls and I probably could have gone harder at them too, because after we did the 12mins the rest of the time was spent practising hand-stands, so it wasn't very strenuous.



5min row (I did about 1.12km in 5mins)

Then 4 rounds of:

10 x stick rolls
10 x leg swings each leg
10 x inch worms

WOD 12.4

12min AMRAP

150 x wall ball (6 pound ball for me)
90 x double-unders (or 200 normal skips)
30 x chin-ups

As mentioned above, I got to 65 normal skips before time.

Then we practised handstands in groups of 3, with one person doing a handstand with the other two holding their legs if necessary. This wasn't as scary as I expected because the others stop you from falling over, so maybe one day I'll actually be able to do a proper hand-stand! It was quite fun actually.

Then to finish we did 65 sit-ups (adding to my ass-crack rash).

Some of you might be wondering what my actual gym looks like, so I've found a couple of videos that people have taken of it to give you a bit of an idea of where I spend 3 evenings a week. I might have posted one of these before, I can't remember.

The first one is the promo video from the website:

The next one is one I found on YouTube:

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