Thursday, 15 March 2012

Crossfit session 41

I don't usually go to Crossfit on Thursdays, but it was really good because it was very quiet as the group 1 people had a rest day, so we had 3 three trainers looking after us, which meant they were really able to focus on everyone's technique.


15 x kips (just the movement, not combined with pull-ups, it's harder than I thought it would be!)
15 x hollow rocks (us girls did hollow holds though cuz we're not good enough for the rocking yet)

Repeat 3 times

Here's a kipping tutorial -
Here's a hollow rock explanation -


1km row (everyone else was running 800m but one of my knees has been playing up so I got to row)
100 x double-unders
20 x chin-ups

20min AMRAP

Usually if there are double-unders  in a wod and you can't really do them then the trainers usually scale them,  so you might only have to do 20 attempts at double-unders and then do 120 normal skips or something like that. Today however, we had the gym owner as one of our trainers and he made us try and do the whole 100 and amazingly enough, we did! It took 15mins of the whole 20min AMRAP for me to do them, but I did them, which is awesome seeing as the most I've ever done before was about 26.  It even got announced in front of the whole group that us girls had got through the whole 100 for the first time and we got clapped by everyone, woo!

He also made me try and do chin-ups with just the blue band, which is 2 or 3 bands less than I normally use. I managed to do 2 but couldn't get up for the 3rd, so he let me add a thin orange one as well, so I guess at least I know I'm getting stronger with those as well because I usually use a blue and a thick orange band.

That meant though that I only got through one full round and the 1km row from the second round in the 20mins.

Then we worked on our 5 rep max for deadlift, which was quite challenging after doing all the double-unders and rowing.

I was paired with another girl who can lift the same as me and we wanted to try for 60kg, which would be a personal best for both of us, so we did:

5 x 40kg
5 x 45kg
5 x 50kg
5 x 50kg
5 x 50kg
5 x 55kg
5 x 60kg

We did so many at 50kg because the trainers were trying to get our form perfect and we kept not keeping our shoulders back, I swear it must be a million times easier being a boy and not having boobs dragging you forward! Anyway eventually they were happy with us and made us try for 60kg, which we did. Fuck it was heavy though, both of us swore as we lifted it.

This is what my hands looked like after today:


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