Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Crossfit session 39

In an attempt to sort out some crazy emotions I've been having, I've reined in my sugar intake again. It seems to have fixed the crying, but I'm also really grumpy and impatient at everything, it might just be because I seriously hate my job, but I hate applying for jobs more, so I feel really stuck in a rut, or my other theory is that it might be that I need to increase my carb intake to make up for doing Crossfit, so I've started eating sweet potato again (as of last night). I'll see how that goes.

On the job thing, why do they make it so unattractive to apply for jobs? There is not one job I've found recently that I think I could actually do based on the requirements listed in the job ad. They want years of experience doing this very particular thing, yet they're only willing to pay you 50k to do it. WTF!  I'm also really bad at selling myself, which is not very helpful for applying for jobs. Ugh, I think I'm going to be stuck in this hell-hole with a manager that refuses to talk to me for the rest of my life.

Anyway, enough of that.  Onto something that does make me feel good about myself, Crossfit!


150 double-unders, but for every time you stop/fuck up you have to do 5 push-ups. Now, I can barely do double-unders, so if I followed this warm-up as prescribed then I would have done 150 push-ups and 5 double-unders. Luckily the trainers were sympathetic to my plight and just told me to practice double-unders and then do some push-ups at the end. Woo.

I'm getting there with double-unders, I can't string them together but I can do a few with normal skipping in between.  Here's a video of someone doing double-unders, making it look easy -

Push-ups I did 4 or 5 rounds of 5 reps.

WOD 1  - Crossfit Games Open Workout 12.2

I think I mentioned a few weeks ago that the Crossfit games open is on at the moment and there are a bunch of people from my gym competing in it, mostly group 1 people (ie. not me). Today we got our own chance to give the 2nd workout a go, personally I would have been fine not to be given the chance because it was power snatches and I hate snatches!

I just don't understand how they're supposed to work and I always feel like I'm going to smack myself in the chin when I'm doing them because you have to keep the bar really close to you. Today I drew blood on my shins trying to keep it close to my body, but I was still not doing it right.  You're supposed to use your legs and not your arms to get the bar up, but given you're holding the bar, I dunno how this is supposed to work!

After Crossfit I watched a lot of videos of people doing them and then had a bit of a practice in front of the bathroom mirror and I think I understand it now, it's kind of like a deadlift for the first bit (so using your legs) and then you just lift your arms up, but I'll have to wait until we do them again to see if I'm right.

So the workout was a 10min AMRAP of:

30 reps @ your first weight
30 reps @ your 2nd weight
30 reps @ your 3rd weight

So as it was an AMRAP you have to do as many of those 90 as you could within the 10mins. For the games open the weights were prescribed, but as none of us could snatch that much, the trainers prescribed individual weights for each of us.  I got given 20kg, 25kg and 30kg, however because my form was sucking when I was practising, I ended up doing 17.5kg and 20kg (I never made it to the 3rd weight before the 10mins were up).

So 60 snatches total.

Here's a snatch -

Then after that was done we did a hero workout in pairs.

WOD 2 - "DT"

12 x deadlifts
9 x hang power clean
6 x push jerk

5 rounds

Luckily this was in pairs, so one person would do their first round then the second person would do their first round while the other person rested, etc. We also had a 20min cut-off for time, so I didn't actually make it through my 5th round before we ran out of time, I got to the 8th power clean of the 5th round.

As you're doing all this in one round, you have to use the same weight for all exercises, which means you need to use your push jerk weight and stick with that for everything, so the deadlifts were really really easy!

We did 25kg because that's about all we can push jerk after doing all the other stuff.

I was going to post separate videos for each move, but here's a video of someone doing the exact same workout as we did, but not in pairs. I can assure you I was not that fast at it!

It was a fun session, no cardio for once, just weights!

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