Saturday, 17 March 2012

Crossfit session 42

Friday was the day for doing the 4th Crossfit Games Open workout, so the gym was super packed and there was barely enough room to swing a kettlebell when I got there but luckily the 6pm class was way less busy than the 5pm class so we had some space. We also got to watch people doing the Games workout, it looked crazy! I'm so glad I'm not good enough to be thinking of trying that kind of thing. 150 wall balls themselves would suck, let alone rest of the work-out.

Muscle-up, one of the exercises for the 12.4 games workout


10 x dips
10 x kb swings (12kg)
10 x ab mat sit up

x 4


1 minute AMRAP of:

3 x power clean (25kg)
3 x burpees

1 min rest in between

So for 1 minute you did as many rounds of 3 x power cleans and 3 x burpees as possible and then you got to rest for a minute before doing it again.

I think we did it for 10mins total, so 5 mins actual work. It doesn't sound like much but we had to go as fast as possible in the minute and burpees always suck so we were still sweating at the end.

The most I got through in a minute was 2 rounds, so 6 power clean and 6 burpees.

Here's a burpee video, although at our gym girls are NOT allowed to do push-ups on their knees, it's toes all the way!

Here's the power clean -


16 x lunges with 24kg (8 lunges per leg)
250m row sprint
Max handstand hold

3 rounds, not for time.

The lunges sucked! My ass is still sore today from them. The trainer wanted me and the other girl to do them with 32kg at first but when it became clear we couldn't even do one at that weight he let us go down to 24kg.

Then to finish off we had to do 100 ab mat sit-ups.

I had a rash on my butt a few weeks ago and had no idea why, I worked it out after tonight, it's from the bloody sit-ups! I'm hoping that eventually I'll get abs out of this and it might make up for ass-crack rash.

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