Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Crossfit session 40 and the weekend of carby doom

I think I managed to undo all of my Whole30 results in one long weekend!

It was just a carbtastic free for all and really highlights the fact that I cannot control myself when I eat bread etc. I can't stop, even if I'm full or wasn't really hungry in the first place. So I'm back to clean eating as much as possible this week, although I'm going out for Mexican tomorrow so that won't be clean. Hopefully the 3 days won't screw up my weight loss too much, although I'm a bit scared to weigh myself and find out!

So, just how badly did I break it? Well, over the course of the 3 day weekend I ate the following hideously non-paleo items: Maccas (Boston deli bagel is just too awesome), KFC (twister and regular chips, made me feel sick), a small garlic foccacia, some white bread, a can of minestrone soup, pancakes, some rice, a bit of a choc chip cookie, cheese and biscuits, some milk chocolate and some Continental packet carbonara pasta.

So yeah, I broke it goooood!  I think one of the main issues was that I wasn't prepared, I didn't really have any good food that I could easily eat and I was up at the farm, so it was just quick junk food. Today I got home from Uni a bit earlier than normal and did my weekly cook-up - baked chicken drumsticks, paleo meatloaf and some turkey mince taco stuff, so I have no excuses this week!

So onto Crossfit..

Woo 40 sessions of Crossfit! Today was a good one too, we did the Crossfit Games open workout 12.3. The official video explanation is here - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mMU4_evJHKA
I usually do Monday, Wednesday and Friday, but I was lazy yesterday, so I'm really glad I went today and got to do this workout.


1km row

Then 10 x stick rolls and 10 x leg swings, repeated 3 times.

WOD 12.3

15 x box jumps (20 inch box)
12 x push jerk (25kg)
9 x hanging knee raise (toes to bar if can do it)

18min AMRAP.

I got 5 full rounds and 4 box jumps of the 6th round done. I was quite pleased with that, especially seeing as I was using a higher box than I normally do for box jumps (I was freaking out that I'd bang my shins the whole time!) and I was doing 25kg for push-jerk, which I haven't done that much. I also got praised for my push-jerks by one of the trainers at the end, so that was awesome. I even got a high-5 type thing, woo!

So in total - 79 box jumps, 60 push-jerks (plus another 10 to warm up), 45 hanging knee raises.

Then we were supposed to run 1.6km for time, but I got to 400m and my knee started feeling weird, it's been doing this thing when I'm running where it feels like it's out of place or something, it doesn't hurt, it just doesn't feel right, so I stopped and walked back, which sucked cuz I was feeling generally really good today!

If you watch the official video I posted above it has all the moves, but we do push-jerks differently, ours are like this - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JwiOOPD-fHY . I think I've posted this tons of times, soon you'll be totally on top of it!

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