Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Crossfit Session 47 (Wednesday)

Woo deadlifts today! I like deadlifts, they make me feel strong. Maybe not as strong as this guy though:


Max hollow hold
10 x back extension

x 4

Then we worked on our deadlifts to our 3 x 3 rep max.  I worked with my usual deadlift partner and we started at 40kg and went up from there until we did 3 x 3 for 65kg, woo personal best!!  One of the other girls was lifting 100kg though.. so we still felt weak!



We've done DT before, but in pairs. This time it was solo. Here's the story of the soldier that DT was named after -

12 x deadlifts 
9 x hang power clean
6 x push jerk

x 5 rounds

You have to pick the weight based on what you can push-jerk overhead, so I chose 25kg and damn did it feel light for deadlifts after doing 65kg!!! It was awesome! Not so awesome for push-jerks, but at least one bit of the workout was easy.

I did it in 10mins exactly.

Then to finish we did a 500m row - took me 2mins 10 seconds.

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