Saturday, 3 March 2012

First few days off Whole30 and Crossfit session 37 (Friday)

Whole30 is over, but the only off program thing that I had eaten/drunk until Friday night was some smoked trout for breakfast that had sugar in the ingredient list.

Friday night I drank some champagne, and I have to say that I was scared! It took me ages to drink even one glass, which is unusual for me. I got really drunk from 2 glasses of champagne and a margarita and ended up crying for ages, which I'm not sure is related, but who knows!

Friday night I managed to resist eating anything off program and had some paleo spaghetti for dinner and no snacks. Today I had yum cha for lunch with some friends and was pretty good, I peeled most of the dumpling wrappers off and didn't eat anything deep fried except some squid, but I tried to peel the batter off that too. I resisted the noodles, which are something I would have normally gotten stuck into, and I only ate the filling out of the bbq pork bun. I did have a beer, but only one and I drank it really slowly.

Tonight I resisted Glenn's delicious looking mini pizza things and ate microwaved veggies and some bacon and eggs for dinner instead. Mmm bacon, I've missed you. I have drunk some strawberry passion pop tonight though, so that's probably as far from Whole30 as you can get I think! It's surprisingly nice though. I also had one dark chocolate covered almond, which was awesome.

So all in all, I think I'm doing well and haven't screwed everything up completely, yet! Now for Friday's Crossfit effort..

I'm not sure why but I really didn't enjoy this workout. I didn't feel strong and I got pulled up on my squat form again, I'm not sure what is going on with my squats but I just suck at them and it seems like Ben (owner of the gym) has a 6th sense and can tell when I'm squatting badly and always pulls me up on them, even if he's doing stuff with group 1 people way across the other side of the gym! By the end of the workout I was getting a bit better at them, but my ability to do them properly seems to be so variable depending on the day, Friday's issue might also have been because we were doing over-head squats and they're probably my weakest of all the lifts.

We also had to practice hand-stand holds on Friday, which I hate. I'm not good at handstands, they freak me out and even just wall climbing up backwards makes me feel unco and heavy. And then there was the running whilst carrying 20kg sandbags, also not fun!  I was probably just in a bad mood and it carried over to everything I did, but often if I'm in a bad mood, Crossfit sorts me out. Hopefully Monday will be better.


10 x stick rolls
10 x inchworms
10 x leg raises

repeat 4 times.

WOD 1 

10min AMRAP for handstand pushups, or if you're unco like me it was practice hand-stand holds.

WOD 2 

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

Overhead-squats (12kg)

So 10 OH-squats, then 10 chin-ups, 9 OH-squats then 9 chin-ups etc. down to 1 rep of each.

WOD 3 

Run 400m whilst carrying a 20kg sandbag over your shoulders

Repeat once more!

Goddamn it was heavy! I can't believe I used to lug around an extra 33kg or whatever it is, how I even walked around anywhere I have no idea. I guess I never would have run anywhere when I was 107kg though.

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