Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Crossfit session 45 (Friday)


15 x air-squats
Max handstand hold
10m duck walk

x 4

The handstand holds were the ones we did last week with people holding your legs, I managed to stay up there but I wasn't straight by any meaning of the word I don't think!

The duck walks were incredibly undignified.. you get into a very low squat position and then have to walk along in that position.. and you do look like a duck. Here's a video of a hot chick doing it, I can tell you now that I looked nothing like this when I was doing it - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1DNxEWow99E


500m row
21 man-makers
500m row
15 man-makers
500m row
9 man-makers

This is a man-maker - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nEKveKv0alE

We didn't have to do a full-squat though, just a dip and then a push-jerk to get the weight overhead. They were freaking tough and you had to really concentrate because you can't let your body turn when you do the rows. It's an excellent full body workout though!


Max kettlebell swings in a minute 5 times with the aim of getting to 30 swings in the minute. For each of those 30 swings that you didn't get you had to write that number on the board and then at the end they were tallied up and that was the number of burpees you had to do!

1st round - 26 (so score of 4)
2nd round - 26 (score of 4)
3rd round - 27 (score of 3)
4th round - 23 (score of 7)
5th round - 27 (score of 3)

So then after all that, I had to do 21 burpees. Fun!

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