Thursday, 9 August 2012

More diet crap and Crossfit session 97 (Thurs morning)


The other day when I was trying to think about things I've achieved in the last 10 months, I realised that transitioning to paleo is something that I've done in that time and done pretty successfully as well I think. Sure I break the rules, especially on the weekend, but generally, in my day-to-day eating I do stick to it and have done so since I started it back in November. There's been a week here and there when I haven't stuck to it at all, usually because I was away and staying with other people and it was just too hard, but fundamentally I stick to it and love it, which is awesome because I used to be firmly in the "low fat/whole-grain/food pyramid is healthy" camp and looooooved bread/pasta/noodles etc. and never thought in a million years that I could get to a point where I rarely ever eat them.

I haven't lost much weight in the last 10 months, but I have been building muscle (hello biceps!) so that's not an issue and I find this way of eating really easy to stick to and can't see myself giving it up any time soon!  So woo, I have achieved something in the last 10 months afterall!


Woo session 97! Almost completed 100, not sure if I should bother counting after that!

This was another morning session, the jury is still out on whether I like them or hate them.. it did mean I got to clean the house last night and do a bunch of other stuff I hadn't had time for previously, but I also had to get up early and then was really hungry all day after this workout. At least with evening workouts I eat dinner straight afterwards and then go to bed a couple of hours later, so I don't notice it.

This is breakfast, I would have just had sweet potato and eggs, but I only had one egg, so I added a can of salmon instead and it was actually good!

Breakfast - sweet potato, salmon and egg.. and coffee!


200m row
10 x stick roll
20 x double unders (60 normal skips for me)


In 5 mins do:

400m row (run for the others)
20 x kettle-bell swings (16kg, everyone else was on box jumps, I always want to abbreviate that as BJ.. but that's not right)
And then max chin-ups in the rest of the time

x 5, with a 2min rest in between each 5 mins

So it's a 25min work out total. My chin-up scores (2 x orange bands) were 16, 19, 21, 16, 22

My forearms and upper back are sore today!


60 second hollow hold
60 second plank
60 second rest

x 3

I did okay with the planks today, it was the hollow holds that were a struggle. We got 10 burpees if we dropped before the 60 seconds were up though, so I just stuck with it, it's amazing what burpee punishment can do!

Sexy  bruised  legs, Crossfit is not glamorous! (And I'm clumsy)

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