Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Crossfit session 99 (Monday) and goals


I found this blog post the other day and the question: "Do your behaviours match your goals?" really struck something with me. If I was honest, I would have to say that a lot of the time, they don't! No wonder I haven't seen progress with anything for a while.

Sure I stick to paleo during the week pretty easily, but my portion sizes are too big (something I find really hard to work out) and even though I only eat sweet potato after Crossfit, I'm probably eating more than I really need to, given my body type. On the weekends I've generally been pretty awful all around, except for last weekend when I was far more sensible and didn't order pizza when Glenn did, I picked something that aligned more with paleo ("Mexican Chicken" and salad), sure it came with chips, but that's a whole lot better than eating half a large pizza!

So I am going to that phrase to try and stop myself from sabotaging my fat-loss goals. I've put that question and the question "Will this help my achieve my goals?" on a post-it on the fridge and the cupboard so that when I go to mindless eat stuff when I get home from work, or go to get a second helping of dinner, hopefully it'll help me to think of my goals and get out of the damn kitchen!  I'm going to be in the USA in a bit over 8 weeks and I'd like to have made some sort of fat-loss progress by then and I know I can, if I just stick with it.

It's not just useful for diet/exercise goals, I have also written the questions on a post-it on my desk and have already used them a few times to stop myself from procrastinating at work when I actually had work to do and I used it again at home to make myself do homework when really all I wanted to do was watch crap on tv and surf the net. 

So there you have it, two simple questions, a whole lot of power!

 Lets see what I can do in 8 weeks :)



500m row

Then 4 rounds of:

10 x stick roll
10 x air squat
5 x inch worm


Deadlift to 3 x 5 rep max, I got up to 65kg and we ran out of time, I reckon I could have done 70.. maybe.

In between sets we had to do max hand-stand push-ups. The most I got for them was 8, which is pretty good I think, seeing as I only started trying them last week!


500m row
15 x heavy kettle-bell swings to shoulder-height (20kg), everyone else was doing thrusters
15 x chin-ups ( 2 x orange bands)

x 5

This was a tough one! I did it in 24mins 25 seconds.


I did a big cook-up last Sunday like I used to do when I was on Whole30 and therefore have a fridge full of food, it's awesome! I made baked chicken drumsticks for snacks, Moroccan meatballs, some burgers and I also cut up a whole heap of vegetables. It's so much easier to eat well when you have a fridge-full of good food. Next week won't be so grand though, I have something this Sunday evening which means cooking won't happen and I will most likely have run out of cash by then as well, so it'll be whatever I can dig out of the freezer. Here's a couple of photos of what I've been eating this week though:

Post Crossfit dessert - Blueberries, apple and coconut milk

Lunch this week - veggies and Moroccan meatballs (from Well Fed)

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