Sunday, 12 August 2012

Crossfit session 98 (Friday) and paleo bread


No idea what the warm-up was


Power snatch to 3 x 5 rep max.

I haven't done these in ages because of my knee, so I was just on the training bar and then ended up putting 10kg in plates on it, so it was probably 16kg all up maybe.

I did feel like my technique was getting better though, usually I can't do the shrugging thing properly and just lift with my arms instead of my hips but I think I was almost getting it.


30 x Toes to bar (toes to arm-pits kind of in my case)
40 x Power clean (20kg)
50 x KB swings (16kg) - everyone else was doing wall-balls here

Not sure on my time, it was a fast workout though


500m row as fast as possible.

I did it in 1 min 57 seconds I think, which is about what I got last time, it's under 2mins though so that's good!

Because I'm a cam-whore, here's some pics of my arms, they're getting there! The right looks much better than the left but I think it was just the angle.

Left arm

Right arm


I made paleo "bread" on the weekend to satisfy my cravings for toast and vegemite. I used this recipe from Elena's Pantry, it turned out okay but it's really not the same as bread.. but as a vehicle for butter and vegemite it does the job.

Because it's mostly made from almond flour though it's really heavy and hard to eat, so you can't get through much of it. Mine was about half the height of the picture on that site too, so I'm not sure if mine was just crap or the loaf pan was too long, but it still tasted fine. Will I make it again? Hrm I think I'd rather just cheat and eat real bread! Although that does tend to lead to eating half a loaf, whereas if I don't even start them I'm okay.. so we'll see.

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