Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Crossfit 102 (Wed)

I wasn't sure if I would make it to Crossfit at all this week because I have an assignment due for uni next Monday and I'm going up to Beechworth on the weekend to do a winery trip around the Rutherglen area, so I can't imagine that I'll get a whole lot of homework done then! Which means that I only have this week to finish off the assignment and it's a LOT of reading and trying to understand whacky social science (my Dad said it's not a science, but I think that's what they call it.. social studies maybe? I won't repeat what else my Dad said about it!) terms that I've never heard of until this class. So basically, I need all the time after work I can get and Crossfit takes about 2hrs from the time I leave until the time I get home again.

I decided though, that I couldn't bear to miss a whole week of Crossfit for homework, so I got up early this morning and went to the 7am class. It almost didn't happen though, at 6:30am I turned off my alarm and decided I couldn't be bothered.. but about a minute later I was up and rushing to get out the door in time. As usual, I'm glad I went.


10 x tricep dips
10 x chin-ups (orange bands x2)
20 x band pull-aparts

x 5

I only got through about 4 rounds I think cuz I got there late


25 x hip extensions holding 2 x 8kg kettlebells (fun.. not)
225 x normal skips

x 4

19mins 54sec

Kinda like this, but holding a KB in each hand, plus I'm far more buff, obviously.


4 x sled pulls the length of the gym and back (20kg, 30kg, 40kg, 40kg)
2 x 1min planks
1 x 30sec plank

This is my food for the week:

Lunch - chicken and veggie red curry (soooo good)

Dinner - Chocolate chilli from Well Fed (yes chocolate, it has cocoa powder in it!), I've just been eating it with steamed veggies

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