Thursday, 6 September 2012

Crossfit x 3 and getting a sweat on at Bikram Yoga

I haven't posted in forever!! Work has been crazy and I've had no time in the evenings either this week, so you get 3 Crossfit posts in one.  This is the first week back to my normal routine after 2 weeks of only going once and it's been good and we've been doing fun workouts too.

Firstly though, I'll start out with my Bikram Yoga experience. I'm not really a yoga person.. or a super hot temperature person, but somehow I was convinced to try Bikram yoga last night.

Bikram yoga is a 90 minute yoga class which is done in a room heated to 39 degrees.. yes, 39 degrees. In the 90minutes you go through a series of 26 poses (asanas) and do each of them twice. It's a weird kind of yoga in that the teacher doesn't show you what to do, she just gives you verbal instructions the whole time, so I have no idea how this would work if no one in the class had done it before, because the only way to know what to do is to copy the people in front!

They were a lot harder than they look!

The main aim when you first go is just to try and stay in the room for the entire class and not faint/throw up/die. I managed to do all of these things and had a fair crack at most of the asanas as well. The room was super packed and it was HOT, I was drenched in sweat by the end of the first weird breathing pose and a lot of the poses required you to hold your leg/foot in a certain way with your hands, but you're so sweaty that it's hard to get a grip! The teacher opened the door a few times during the class, which was like heaven, but not for very long.

The first hour I actually didn't mind and would be happy to do again, the last 30mins dragged though and I'm glad I could see the clock, because I knew I only had to get through that half an hour and I was done, if I had no idea how long we had to go I'm not sure how I would have felt.

The last 30 minutes were poses done on the floor and for some reason it felt a lot hotter doing those ones than when we were standing up, I guess because we had less available surface area to lose heat from as we were lying down flat (??).   There were a few poses towards the end that I didn't bother trying because they looked too hard for starters and it was just too hot by that point, I never felt dizzy or sick though, just super overheated.  Other people were really struggling though and one girl next to Jen had pretty much given up after the first pose.

As it is so hot, you have to be really well hydrated and also ensure that replace electrolytes afterwards. Their website said to drink 3-4 litres of water, so I drank about 3.5 yesterday at work (and had to pee a million times). I also bought some coconut water to replenish electrolytes during and after class, it's way better for you than Gatorade etc. and actually has more electrolytes in it from what I could read on the labels. I was so thankful for the coconut water in that last 30mins, at that point water really wasn't cutting it!

So, the big question.. would I do it again? Yes, actually! As a way to suck you in, you get a free 9 day pass with your first class, so I have 9 days in which to go back. The only issue for me is that this one is way out in Glen Waverley, which isn't very convenient, so I'm not sure if I will make it back out there but I am thinking about it. I definitely wouldn't recommend it to anyone who absolutely hates the heat though.

For the record, Cocobella tastes way nicer!
So now onto my favourite type of exercise, CROSSFIT! :)


Last Friday

WOD 1 

5 x hang snatch (25kg)
250m row (everyone else was running.. I'm sure far less than 250m!)

x 8

I only did a half squat on the snatch because of my knee... and yes I still giggle every time they say snatch.

WOD 2 

20 x weighted box step up (14kg)
10 x hip extension with kettlebell rows (16kg)

x 6

Everyone else was doing back squats I think, so I got this fun little workout!  I was only supposed to do 5 rounds but I had extra time.


WOD 1 

90 x normal skips
5 x handstand push-up
10 x chinups
20 x straight leg sit-ups  (no using your arms for momentum, we had to keep them on our thighs when sitting up, these were fucking hard!)

x 5

17mins 19seconds

This was actually fun, I quite like getting to practice handstand push-ups and I like chin-ups (how things change!) so it was good.

WOD 2 

Every 3 mins do:

10 x hang power clean (25kg)
10 x burpees

x 7

This was less fun, doing 70 burpees sucks. The way it worked was that you did the power cleans and the burpees and then could rest until the end of the 3 mins when you had to go again, so the faster you did them, the more rest you got!



10 x Power clean and Jerk (25kg)  (no split though as in that video)
21 x KB swings (16kg)

We did this exact same workout a few weeks back, so they wanted to see how much faster/heavier we could go. Last time I did it in 8mins, this time I did it in 7mins 26seconds, so I knocked 34secs off my time, WOO!

Next time I might go slightly heavier with the power clean and jerks, although I don't think I could go up to 30kg, so it'd have to be a random weight like 27.5kg (we only have 1.25kg or 2.5kg plates for small increments).

WOD 2 

Push-press to 3 x 8 rep max (20 kg then 25kg, which was definitely my max after the first WOD!)
3 x 20 band pull aparts
3 x 12 barbell row

None of this was for time.

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