Thursday, 13 September 2012

Catch-up post

I have been so slack at updating this blog, sorry. I have been to Crossfit 3 times this week though!


Monday's workout was lots of rowing and power cleans.

1km row
21 x power cleans (25kg)
30 x back extensions (everyone else was squatting I think)

750m row
15 x power cleans
20 x back extensions

500m row
9 x power cleans
10 x back extensions

No idea what my time was.

I'm sure we did something else as well but I can't remember what. Ooh I know, we practised handstands in groups, I managed to hold myself up without wall assistance for a few seconds. WOO! Love handstands.



400m row
40kg farmers carry (basically carrying a KB in each hand)
12 air squats (backsquats for others)

x 5

I think it was something like 19mins.

I did squats for the first time in ages and my knee hasn't fallen off! That's a good start, although squatting was never really the issue, it probably just exacerbates the issue I have when I run though. That's definitely not any better, it still 'goes' at around 10mins when I run. So over it. When I get back from the USA I'll get it scanned and properly sorted out.

WOD 2 

It was supposed to be barbell lunges and v-sits ups, but I was doing sled pulls and then sled walks and only did 1 round of V-situps.

Not sure that I deserved any sweet potato last night!  I ate it anyway though.. along with some strawberries, which I'm quite addicted to at the moment, I looove strawberry season!

Strawberries with faux chocolate sauce and coconut cream


Today's beauty was a hero workout, which I did this morning.


15 x deadlift (40kg)
20 x ball slams (box jumps for everyone else, I started at 15kg and went down to 12kg)
25 x chin-ups (2 x orange bands)

x 5

75 deadlifts, 100 slams and 125 chin-ups all up! The chin-ups killed me, I was doing them in sets of 3, which is lame and made them take forever. The guy next to me was totally cheating, he said he was only doing 20 each round, oh well, his loss! I'll have super awesome muscles and he will have less super awesome muscles!

It took me 28mins 32 secs I think.

I was almost in tears for most of it, not sure why.. just one of those days I guess! Haven't had a workout like that for a while where I felt so crap, I really should have remembered to focus on the reason why these hero workouts exist, because someone died in the line of duty, maybe that'd stop me being lame and help me to just suck it up and get on with it!

I only had 11hrs between workouts because I went this morning, maybe that was the issue, usually I have at least 24hrs, if not a whole day off in between.

Other stuff

On Tuesday, Jen, Sarah, Andrew and I went to salsa class. I used to do salsa several times a week and was getting okay at it, but then I went overseas and never really got back into it when I got back. I had forgotten a lot of stuff, but it didn't take too long to remember some of it by the end of the beginner's class. Not sure if we're going to make this a regular thing or not, but it's pretty fun... other than all the gross, sweaty man-hands you have to hold!

I've also been in training for work for most of the week and we were in an awesome art deco building in Queen street, check out the elevator numbering below. What I failed to get a photo of was the awesome pattern on the floor inside the elevator. I kept trying, but the doors kept closing too fast or someone else was in the elevator and I didn't want to look like a weirdo. I really love art deco buildings, there were so many things in that building I would have loved to take photos of, if I'd had the chance.

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