Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Crossfit Monday and Wednesday, Spinning and the health challenge



max handstand pushups (7, 5, 5, 6, 7)
20 x straight leg situps

x 5


75 x skips (24 double unders for the others)
12 x push-ups
6 x front squat (25kg)
3 x rope climb attempts
7 x chin-ups (red band - this was to make up for not doing rope climbs properly, if you could do rope climbs you didn't have to do the chins!)

26mins 58 secs

My rope climbs were sucking, I think it's the shoes I'm currently using, because I used to get several metres up the rope with my old shoes, but now I can't even get grip right at the bottom. I might try with my old shoes next time we have rope climbs.

I think 2 orange bands isn't far off 1 red band because it didn't seem that different. Maybe next time I'll try an orange and a yellow.


1 min row
1 min plank
1 min rest

x 4



100 x skips

Then 3 rounds of:

10 x sit-ups
20 x walking lunges

Then another 100 skips

WOD 1 

5 x power clean (30kg)
10 x hand stand push-ups

10min AMRAP

I got through 6 full rounds and had done 5 HSPUs in the 7th round when the buzzer went off. So that's a total of 65 HSPUs! WOO!

I was also the only one in the class that could actually do HSPUs!! Amazing! Only down to 3 ab-mats, but at least I can do them, I also did the first set unbroken :D  Next time I might try dropping an ab mat and see how I go.

Like this, only with 2 more ab mats as the target for my head (source)

WOD 2 

10 x push-jerk (25kg)
400m row (running for the others)

20min AMRAP

I got through 6 rounds exactly. So 60 push-jerks and 2.4km row.


I was finding the rowing a bit of a challenge this morning because we did a spin class last night and my legs were a bit fatigued from all the hill climbs. I'd forgotten how horrible the bike seats were at spinning, they completely squash your lady-bits AND hurt your ass. Nasty. The hill climbs were a bit of a relief in one way, because you get to stand up out of the seat!

I used to do spinning with my brother, but I hadn't done it in over a year.. I'd probably go back, I don't love it and it's quite boring compared to Crossfit, but it is a good cardio workout.. if you can deal with the seat!


Health Challenge

So far so good. I weighed myself yesterday morning and I was 73.9! Lowest I think I've ever been! I'll wait and see if it sticks, cuz yesterday I was 74.7kg. My official weigh in day is Friday for the challenge, so I'll see what it is then.

One thing I've been thinking about is that I need to remember is that Glenn and I have different body types, he can get away with eating crap food a lot of the time. I just can't. So I should not model my eating behaviour on him and get too upset when he's eating junk and I can't.. I should remember that I'm more like a Ferrari, I only run on quality fuel!

Me (source)
Glenn (source)


  1. Well I like to think it makes me more like an m1 abrams tank - will run on anything combustible: petrol, diesel, kerosene or aviation fuel, even vodka!

    (Of course not all fuels will produce nice looking results)