Thursday, 27 October 2011

Takin' charge

I haven't posted for ages cuz work and uni have been really busy, but I've been doing quite a lot health-wise since S&S. I bought two sessions of Ultrasound Fat Cavitation ( through one of the coupon sites and had my treatments over the last two weeks. Before I went I was really sceptical about it and didn't see how it could possible work, but now that I've had them I actually think it has worked and reduced my waist by several cms. They measure you before and after each treatment and each time I lost 2-3cms and then during the week after the first treatment I lost a further 2cms. After each treatment you have to avoid caffeine and alcohol and try to eat a low fat diet, obviously this will also help with weightloss, but I think the treatments really do help to kick it along. I'm considering buying a couple more if they come up on the coupon sites again.

The other major thing I'm in the process of doing is trying out Crossfit. Rob and Ken have been doing it for ages and it's completely re-shaped Ken's body (obviously in conjunction with diet) - that boy has abs now! Rob has been trying to convince me to do it for ages and other than fear, the main thing that was stopping me was money, but then I figured that I had been looking at joining a gym or doing PT anyway and Crossfit is heaps cheaper than PT and is more interesting, and gets better results than plugging away at the gym a few times a week, so why not! So I've booked in my first PT session with them for next Thursday (you have to do 3 PT sessions and then you can do the normal classes). I spent hours last night looking at videos on the website and I have to say I'm quite scared, but at the same time it will be interesting to see if I can do any of it and it will be a huge challenge and will hopefully help me get over this plateau I've been on for ages. I am still thinking about doing a half marathon sometime in the future, so improving my fitness to that level would be awesome. I will keep you posted on how I go!

In terms of diet I've been pretty good lately, helped by the fat cavitation thing obviously, but also I've been really trying to stick to the primal/paleo type of diet, which I generally find quite easy, other than when I reaaaaally want pizza, or bagels, or something! Now that I've discovered cauliflower rice I think I will be able to adapt a lot of normal recipes to fit in with that, if I could just find some kind of bagel flavoured vegetable then I'd be sorted. My favourite website is Mark's Daily Apple, it has tons of info and a huge long list of great recipes, nothing I've tried off there hasn't worked out -

My weight today is 74.6kg, which is awesome, however, it was 75kg the day before and 75.2kg the day before that, so I am sceptical that I've lost that much in 3 days!! Oh well, I'll see how it is next week.

Anyway, just wanted to give an update, stay tuned for my adventures with Crossfit!

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