Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Day 37 (Wednesday) - Final weigh-in day.. epic failure!

So.... final weigh-in day before Saints and Sinners and I can quite safely say that this whole exercise has been an epic failure!!

Starting weight: 75.8kg
Final weight: 75.7kg
Lowest weight during the last 5 weeks: 74.4kg
Days to S&S: 2

Total weight loss in 37days: 0.1kg.. aka 100grams! ..So probably nothing really if you take into account the inaccuracy of the scales and the tiny amount of water required to add or subtract this amount!!!

So, what went wrong? Lots of things I think. Weekends were dreadful due to bad food choices, excessive drinking and no exercise, a general lack of exercise when I was sticking to really low carb levels, pms bingeing  this week has been really bad, but I've also done a lot more exercise in the last two weeks, including lots of weight lifting.. but not enough to make up for the calories I've been eating.  I need to just eat with more awareness and not give in to temptation so often and also make sure I have good food choices on hand so that I don't end up eating crap.

Despite not actually losing any weight, I do feel more toned from just doing all the exercise I have done in the last 2 weeks, it's possible that I have lost fat and just put on muscle, but who knows. I should really have taken measurements at the start as well as weight.

From now on I'm going to focus less on the number on the scales and more on becoming fitter and gaining muscle and losing fat before summer. I want to get back up to running 10kms, which I really can't do if I stick to really low levels of carbs. The paelo/primal type diet makes the most sense to me (best website ever:, although I will still eat carbs on occasion, just not all the time and I'll try to make better choices when I do eat them. Currently I'm only really eating them one meal a day (excluding non-starchy vegetables) and that is going fine and I don't feel deprived (pms related chocolate cravings not withstanding!)

I also think extreme calorie counting and always talking about it makes you really obsessive about food, which is crazy and makes you a really boring person as well. I'm just going to focus on trying to be generally more healthy instead, so I'll keep blogging but just without the count down and the extreme food detail.

Saints and Sinners is Friday and I'm going to wear the latex dress and I'm going to look hot anyway, and yes maybe I'll post a photo ;P

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