Sunday, 2 October 2011

Day 33 and 34 (Saturday and Sunday) - sugar-fest

This weekend was pretty bad, although I did exercise every day, which is good at least.

On Saturday I went to Red Hill market and ate way too much lunch and bought chocolate pudding and chocolate and butterscotch sauce and then went to USA foods and stupidly bought more chocolate related food!

I also ate a lot of dessert this weekend, which is weird because I'm not really a sugar-fiend so I'm not sure what was going on. PMS maybe? Although even then I don't generally go nuts on sugar or pudding, just chocolate.


Breakfast: Omelette and coffee with skim milk - 185cal, 6.3g carb (totally should have skipped breakfast in hindsight but I get grumpy if I don't eat so maybe it was for the best, there were lots of kids at Red Hill!)

Food at Redhill: Thai chicken curry pie - 502cal, 39.6g carb (I was intending to get calamari but it was too expensive so I got this pie instead, bad choice, it wasn't that good).

Lunch at Mornington: Spinach and ricotta canelloni with 1 piece of bread and a coffee - 492cal, 60g carb.

Snack: 1 slice ham - 108cal, 0g carb.

Dinner: Pizza - 814cal, 121.9g carb.

Dessert: 1/3rd tub Ben and Jerry's phish food ice cream - 371cal, 59.4g carb.

Total calories: 2472
Total carbs: 287.1g
Exercise: 40mins jogging - 463cal

Final calories: 2009
Calorie balance: -649
Carb balance: -187.1g


Breakfast: Natural muesli, low fat yogurt and strawberries and coffee with skim milk - 432cal, 72.9g carb

Lunch: Pizza - 401cal, 57.7g carb.

Snack: Chocolate pudding and butterscotch sauce - 545cal, 75.6g carb.

Dinner: Wholemeal pasta with a tuna, tomato, onion and corn sauce - 333cal, 45.7g carb. 1/2 bottle red wine - 293cal, 0g carb.

Dessert: Sticky date pudding and ice cream - 540cal, 61.9g carb.

Total Calories: 2545
Total Carbs: 313.7g
Exercise: 40mins jogging - 463

Final Calories: 2082
Calories balance: -722
Carb balance: -213.7g

Fucking terrible weekend! Seriously over my calorie and carb limit every day. Can't keep doing this..

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