Monday, 30 April 2012


I am so behind on updating this. I can't even remember what workouts I've done, I could check the Crossfit website, but I think I'll just skip over them and just assure you that I have been a couple of times at least since I last posted!

Although, I haven't actually been to Crossfit since last Wednesday because I had a friend staying with me for a couple of days and we went out for dinner on Friday when I would usually go and then last night I had to madly  finish my assignment. I probably won't go tonight either because I've only had about 8hrs sleep total for the last two days and I'd rather just chill out and do nothing for one night at least. So.. I will be sore when I go tomorrow, that's for sure!

My eating went completely off the rails on the weekend and I ate far too much chocolate and far too many lollies (yay stress eating), and also had some risotto, noodles, a sandwich and some sushi when my friend was in town. I'd noticed that my clothes were fitting way better last week too, so I hope I haven't completely reversed any of my progress! I'm back trying to be a bit more strict this week, although I'm going out for lunch and dinner Thursday so that day might be a write-off. One day at a time!

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