Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Crossfit session 52 (Monday)

A couple of times after Crossfit I've noticed little red dots all around my eyes from broken capillaries, I assumed it was just from the exertion of lifting weights, but now I've realised that it's probably from the handstand holds!!

When I'm doing them, there is this weird pressure in my head and it just doesn't feel right and I can't stay up there for anywhere near as long as I should be able to. I'm not sure if everyone gets this feeling, or if I have some strange thing going on which also causes my capillaries to burst? I will have to do some research.

My chest is still really sore from this workout!


Max handstand hold (handstand push-ups for the less crap)
15 x over-head squats

x 5

Then max dips x 2 (extra exercise for ppl not doing handstand push-ups), I got 15 the first time and 9 the second.

I hate handstand holds because they make my head hurt (and ruin my capillaries!), so I think my max was maybe 20 seconds.

WOD 1 

1.6km row (run for everyone with good knees)

Then 5 rounds of:

12 x overhead squat (maybe 12kg, not sure what a training bar weighs)
12 x push-ups

Then another 1.6km row.

Fun, not. The rows took me about 7 mins each time but I wasn't going flat out.

I went really light with the overhead squats so that I could get my technique right, which was a good choice!


15 x hanging leg raises
15 x back extension

3 rounds

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