Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Crossfit Session 51

I weighed myself this morning and I was lighter than when I finished Whole30, which is surprising given I spent all weekend eating crap.. lots and lots of crap!

First day back at Crossfit since last Thursday and I was feeling quite unfit and lazy I can tell you!


10 x stick roll
10 x squat

Repeat 5 times



Woo a named workout.. always fun, not!

400 run (row in my case)
30 x wall ball
30 x box jump

5 rounds for time.

This is a total of a 2km row and 150 wall balls and box jumps, nasty!

I did it in 37mins 30 seconds I think. I had to rush to the bathroom in the 4th round because my stomach was doing dodgy things, which is not so good for jumping and squatting!

I went with the small box and I'm so glad I did because my legs were just not working after the wall balls, for the first few jumps each round it was quite a struggle just to get to the small box so I'm glad I wussed out on the taller box!

As per usual I got coached (aka yelled at) for my squats with the wall balls. We have a new coach who was the one that was trying to get me to squat properly and he was quite good actually, usually they just yell at me to get lower, which I never thought was the problem and this guy was saying that I'm not shifting my weight into my heels and I'm coming forward instead, which makes sense to me and probably explains why my knees are dodgy.

I talked to him after and he said next time he was coaching he'd help me out with squats, so that's good, I do want to be able to do them properly because they just make me want to cry at the moment, which is no fun.

Wall ball -
Box jump - (I do jump up, step down)

WOD 2 

1 min hollow hold
1 min plank
1 min rest

3 rounds

I almost can hold a plank for a minute.. almost!

Hollow hold -


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