Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Crossfit session 50 - 17 minutes of hell

Woo, I've been to Crossfit 50 times! Doesn't really sound like that much actually, but I normally go 3 times a week and have done since November. I am definitely improving at most things and do really enjoy it.. most of the time..

Tonight's workout was horrible however, really really horrible. It was all squat-related movement, which are my major weakness. I have incredibly tight hip flexors and I just really suck at squats, I'm always being yelled at to go lower but I just can't a lot of the time. I really need to work on them I guess. Tonight's squats were dreadful, I just couldn't get down and was almost in tears throughout the entire 17mins.


10 x dips
10 x squat-jumps

x 4


Work to 3 x 3 power cleans (max weight for three rounds of three).

I hate power cleans! They just feel unnatural to me and I can never tell if I'm doing it properly or just lifting with my arms and not using my hips at all, which is the point.

I started at 20kg and got up to 35kg.

Power-clean video -


There were two parts to this workout:

1.) The complex (all at 25kg)

2 x power clean
2 x squat power clean
2 x thruster

2.) "Cindy"

5 x chin-up
10 x push-up
15 x air squat

One round = 2 x complex and 1 x Cindy and we had to do five rounds total.

Squat power cleans and thrusters totally suck if you suck at squats, I struggled every single rep and never got low enough. I also almost cried every time, haven't felt like that at Crossfit for a long while!

I completed this workout in 17, horrible minutes.

Here's a video of the difference between the power clean and the squat power clean from a guy with a porny moustache -

Here's a thruster -

I'm really going to have to work on my hip flexor mobility outside of Crossfit and see if I can sort out my squats.

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