Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Crossfit Session 8

I had to drag myself off the couch for this one, I'd been at the work xmas lunch during the day and had found out that my account was over $500 overdrawn because someone had stolen my debit card details, so I just wasn't in the mood. I am glad I went though, it was a good workout and I feel a lot better.


10 x dips
20 x lunges

Repeat 5 times (50 dips, 100 lunges)

I didn't actually finish all the lunges because I was running a bit late.


7 x dead lift (30kg)
7 x burpees
7 x chin-ups
300m row

Repeat 7 times (49 of everything and 2.1km row)

My time was 29 mins 10 seconds

After that we had to do 50 sit-ups

I'm going to try and get there on Friday again and maybe contact the Christchurch Crossfit about going there when I'm away... although going when I'm on holidays might be a bit unrealistic, I think I'll only miss 4 sessions but that's still long enough to undo some of my progress I think.

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