Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Crossfit session 5

I really enjoyed the workout tonight for some reason... well in hindsight anyway, at the time I thought I was going to have a heart attack and die, but now I'm all pumped from it! It was a very small group tonight too, which helped cuz the trainers were really working with everyone closely to get them through it.

I think the reason why I'm enjoying Crossfit is because every workout makes me feel like I've achieved something. I'll go in and look at the board and see what the workout is and think to myself that there's no way in hell I can do that, but there's no option not to do it, I just have to try and at the end when I've finished it, I feel really good about the fact that I was able to do it (albeit with lots of modifications!).

I am going to try and start going 3 days a week, but I just have to work out what the 3rd day is going to be, Fridays and Saturdays are often too busy, so maybe I could add Thursdays instead.

Anyway today:

Warm up

10 dips - I had trouble working out which of the rubber bands to use for dips, I think in the end I was using orange and red.
20 lunges - Hah, only a few days ago I was thinking I'd never have to do lunges again! I was so wrong, the lunges are walking lunges and your back knee has to touch the floor.

x 5 (50 dips total, 100 lunges!)

Push-Jerk practice - this is one of the moves I really struggled with in the PT sessions because it just didn't make sense to me and I was doing everything out of order. One of the trainers went through it with me tonight about 20 times so I finally get it. Also using weight instead of just a bar helps to see the point of the jumping. I had to try and keep a straight face when he said something like "You should be able to Jerk more than you can press".. or something like that. Yes I am a teenager. This is a pushjerk -


15 wall balls - 
15 box jumps -

x 5 for time

It doesn't look like much written down, but it's hard-core cardio! I was breathing like crazy.  I guess it's 75 wall balls and 75 box jumps total, which is lots of lower body.

For wall balls I was using ball #6 (I have no idea what that represents in anything!) and for box jumps I'm on the smallest box and at first I wasn't actually sure that I could jump up on it cuz I'm really bad at jumping and quite unco and thought I might trip on the box instead, but I worked it out in the end and wasn't so dreadful at it.

My time was 11mins 30secs, which was alright I think, the trainer who was working with me at the end seemed pretty happy with it. Although some of my wall ball squats were pretty rubbish, bad technique etc. I was pretty happy with the time though because all the guys in my group tonight have been doing it a while and I hate being really behind, but I wasn't this time.

Then we did an ab thing where we had to hold a position on the floor lying back with shoulders and feet off the ground and then throw one of the medicine balls around the circle without letting our feet drop. It was actually good fun!

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