Saturday, 27 April 2013

Crossfit and chia pudding




21 15 9
Overhead squats (training bar and 5kg - so approx 12kg)

10 mins 36 seconds


10min AMRAP
10 front squats (15kg?)
10 toes to bar
4 or 5 rounds I think 4


1km row (800m run for everyoe else)
3 rope climbs
15 tricep dips
X 5

46mins 17seconds.

Freaking long workout!!

I managed to get halfway up the rope about twice, woot! I think I'm bit too heavy to hold my own body weight by my arms while I try and re-position my feet, but I'm definitely 'getting it' more than I was before.


Super fun WODs today, I love the Olympic lifting so this was awesome.


Every 90 seconds - 1 x power snatch, 1 x full snatch x 2 (so 2 of each)
@ 15kg, the small weight was just due to the squat on the full snatch, it was way too light for just the power snatch but you've got to work with your weakest movement.

Repeat the sequence 7 times, so 14 of each total.


10 x Power clean and jerk (30kg)
21 x Kettlebell swings (16kg)

I was the first to finish for once at around 12:36.


Tabata row (so 20 second on, 10 seconds off x 8)
I got a total distance of 816m, which was crapper than last time when I got 826m, however, for the first 3 rounds my rower was on a crazy hard resistance and I had to get one of the trainers to change it back to what everyone else was on.

Chia pudding

So, this week I discovered the magic that is Chia seed pudding. You can read all about Chia seeds on Sarah Wilson's blog, or Mark Sisson's take on them here. For the pudding you basically take an amount of Chia seeds, a sweetener (I used honey) and mix with some kind of liquid and leave in the fridge for a couple of hours. I used coconut milk because it's all I generally have in the house, but almond milk seems to be popular for this and may make it turn out more 'puddingy', coconut milk solidifies when you put it in the fridge so I think something less solid would probably work slightly better. I tend not to buy almond milk because (at least the brands we get in Australia) it is full of crappy weird ingredients, but I might get some just for this pudding.

The texture of the finished pudding is kind of like rice pudding, but without all the carbs. It's really delicious and I think it'll become a staple in my house! The recipe I used was a bit of a mash-up but it was inspired by this one initially. I also added cocoa powder because I can't go past chocolate flavoured things!

Pudding before

Pudding after

The other thing I ate a lot of this week was paleoified Larb Gai, so easy and so tasty.

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