Thursday, 11 April 2013

Crossfit Friday, Tuesday and Wednesday

I have actually been going to Crossfit despite not posting, work and uni are both crazy right now, so there's been little spare time to do things like blog posting, although I have to admit there's been a lot of other procrastinating, like building crappy Swedish furniture and rearranging bits of my house.




21 15 9

Deadlift (55kg)
Handstand push-up (to 3 ab mats)

(21 deadlift, 21 HSPU, 15 deadlift, 15 HSPU etc).

My time was 8:09.

This is one of the classic named Crossfit workouts, so I've done it before. The last time I did it, I had a better time (7mins something) but I only did 45kg on the deadlift, so I consider this progress!


1 min push-ups
1 min chin-ups
1 min rest

x 4

This sucked, I hate push-ups!

WOD 3 

Tabata of mountain climbers and rowing

Tabata is 8 intervals of 20 seconds all out intensity and 10 seconds of rest.

Ugh mountain climbers, seriously, is there a less graceful exercise? I hates it and I always get yelled at about my form.



5 rep max power clean.  Used to love these, totally sucked on form today so only did it at 30kg and just tried to work on getting them right. Still managed to bruise the fuck out of my clavicles.


15 power clean (25kg)
25 burpee

X 3

Time was 11 mins something, maybe 11:36?

WOD 2 

Tabata rows (836m accumulated total, apparently the most out of all the girls)
Tabata Sit ups



2km row - 8min 36 seconds

WOD 2 

1 min plank
1 min hollow hold
1 min rest

 x 3

WOD 3 

15 chin ups (red band)
30 slam balls (15kg)
45 double unders

x 3

The double unders were nasty.

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