Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Day 1 food

I'm procrastinating about doing my stupid uni assignment right now. It's maths-based and I'm struggling! Very tempted to eat the last Lindt ball that I know I have in the cupboard, but I'm going to be strong!

So this is what I ate today:

Breakfast (7:30am) -  2 egg omelette with some baby spinach and tabasco, coffee with skim milk - 219 cal, 6.7g carb.

Snack (11am): 35g mixed almonds, wasabi peas and japanese peanut crackers things -130 cal, 14.1g carb.

Lunch (1:30pm): Salad (baby spinach, tomato, green capsicum and carrot) with a can of salmon with tomato and onion - 200 cal, 14g carb.  Mandarin - 42 cal, 8.2g carb.

Snack (3:00pm): 130g low fat cottage cheese - 117 cal, 4.7g carb.

Snack (5:30pm): 1 scoop Slimfit ultra low carb protein powder with 200ml skim milk - 201 cal, 10.8g carb.

Dinner (8:15pm): Italian chicken casserole (chicken drumsticks, vegetables, stock and canned tomatoes w/ herbs) - 446 cal, 22.3g carb.   150g fat free natural yogurt and 3 strawberries - 95 cal, 13.3g carb.

Total: 1486 cal, 95g carbs.
Exercise: 30mins power-walking - 127 calories
Balance: 1 calorie and 5g carbs to spare! WOO!

So, I didn't do too badly at all today! I probably should have spread the calories more evenly across the day and not had so many for dinner, but I was really late home from work and it was just easier to re-heat the leftovers than start from scratch.

I am going to try and go jogging or do weights tomorrow before work because I'm having lunch with K and A, so I should save up some calories for that. I'll probably end up going over the 100g of carbs tomorrow because we're going out for Japanese and there will be rice, but that's not such a big issue if I stick within my calories.

Overall I would say today is a success :)

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